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Service & maintenance

SIMPL makes maintenance and servicing more efficient: Away from confusing Excel and hardcopy solutions, towards an intuitive digital tool. SIMPL provides a digital solution to store all relevant information centrally, enabling efficient management and execution of maintenance and servicing.

Efficient planning

With SIMPL you have a tool at hand, which enables you to plan and carry out your maintenance work efficiently.

Save valuable time

Pen, paper, and long excel spreadsheets often lead to wasted time. You can prevent this by doing all the work centrally with SIMPL.

Higher productivity

You can significantly increase the productivity of your employees with SIMPL when it comes to processing and planning inquiries.

Create and manage requests directly on the go

Your employees or customers have the possibility to create requests directly at the machine – with direct reference to the respective machine, plant or other equipment.
  • Describe the respective error message
  • Add pictures, videos or sound recordings
  • Start directly with the elimination of the error message

Simple and direct reporting of incidents

Set up maintenance & service schedules

Regular maintenance of the machines & equipment is essential. You can easily set a maintenance schedule based on a machine at the touch of a button, ensuring the highest possible level of continuous operation.
  • Regular maintenance and repair of your machines or those of your customers
  • Consistent expansion of the service business by capturing maintenance cycles
  • Setup for own or third-party machines at your customer’s site

Maintenance plans at the push of a button

Work instructions & checklists

For proper maintenance, work instructions & checklists play an indispensable role – both for your own safety and for efficient maintenance. Create your own checklist or use existing templates from SIMPL. This way you are guaranteed to increase the quality of your work.

Checklists for a seamless workflow

3 reasons why it is so easy to start and work with SIMPL

Personal contact

For us, excellent customer service goes without saying. We are always here to help you with questions and answers – free of charge.

Intuitive user navigation

We have emphasized an intuitive and simple user interface. This is the only way to enable your employees to enjoy working with SIMPL and to require only a short training period.

Secure data storage

For the further processing of the data we exclusively use servers that are ISO 27001 certified in Germany. This is also the standard according to which online banks operate.