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Field Service & Commissioning

You can use SIMPL to plan your employees’ field assignments efficiently and end-to-end. Whether for the pure repair, commissioning or inspection of a machine. Both the work in the office and in the field are coordinated at the same time for optimal coordination.

Better planning of operations

A clear and easy-to-use planning board automatically leads to better planning of operations. Required documents, machines, etc. are directly included in the planning.

More satisfied employees

Better communication within the team leads to significantly more satisfied employees and thus to better processing of orders.

Successful maintenance

Checklists and work instructions enable more efficient operations, which leads to a higher quality of service but also to increased safety.

Intuitive planning of your assignments and work

The digital planning board allows you to plan your orders very easily and intuitively. You can plan the assignments of your employees as well as allocate required machines or other resources.
  • Overview of all current activities
  • Easily adjust and move appointments
  • Processing both mobile and in the office

Simple and efficient resource planning

Work instructions & checklists

For proper maintenance, work instructions and checklists play an indispensable role – both for your own safety and for efficient maintenance. Create your own checklist or use existing templates from SIMPL. This way you are guaranteed to increase the quality of your work.

Checklists for a seamless workflow

Successful collaboration between office and field sales

For optimal field operations, seamless communication between the office and employees on site is essential. With SIMPL, you can enable a smooth workflow by making necessary documents available everywhere, assigning orders uniquely or communicating directly in the work order.

Seamless cooperation

3 reasons why it is so easy to start and work with SIMPL

Personal contact

For us, excellent customer service goes without saying. We are always here to help you with questions and answers – free of charge.

Intuitive user navigation

We have emphasized an intuitive and simple user interface. This is the only way to enable your employees to enjoy working with SIMPL and to require only a short training period.

Secure data storage

For the further processing of the data we exclusively use servers that are ISO 27001 certified in Germany. This is also the standard according to which online banks operate.