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After Sales & Service

Expanding your own service business allows you to increase your sales and at the same time increase your service margin. SIMPL supports you with the right tools to make this happen.

More satisfied customers

With a structured service process, customer satisfaction can be significantly increased, resulting in higher service business.

Shorter turnaround times for inquiries

The processing time can be greatly reduced by our central inquiry system and the direct exchange with customers.

Higher productivity

You can significantly increase the productivity of your employees with SIMPL when it comes to processing and planning inquiries.

All info in<br>one place

In service, fast response times are an important factor for high customer satisfaction. Due to a clearly arranged order system, inquiries can be answered and processed much faster. Meanwhile, the quality of service is improved because your employees can find the documents and files they need more quickly.

Fast response times through a central point of information

Service history via digital lifecycle records

With SIMPL, you can track exactly in which time period which machine or system was repaired or maintained. As a result, maintenance cycles can be derived to enable continuous flawless operation.
  • Enter maintenance plans and cycles
  • Create life cycle file of a machine or plant
  • Manage documents centrally

Maintenance plans for machines & equipment

3 reasons why it is so easy to start and work with SIMPL

Personal contact

For us, excellent customer service goes without saying. We are always here to help you with questions and answers – free of charge.

Intuitive user navigation

We have emphasized an intuitive and simple user interface. This is the only way to enable your employees to enjoy working with SIMPL and to require only a short training period.

Secure data storage

For the further processing of the data we exclusively use servers that are ISO 27001 certified in Germany. This is also the standard according to which online banks operate.